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Katherine Johnson Class

luuk-wouters-F_zec7P_OwA-unsplashAn Enlightenment Story - The Lighthouse

Beyond the fields, nestled underneath the jagged cliffs, there was a lonely lighthouse, a jubilant village and many comfy cottages. Lights shone out the circular windows like diamonds, whilst the noises of cheerful laughter and merry singing filled the dark night. The local citizens never even frowned, they only smiled (even if they were in a bad mood). Their pleasant sounds were carried like a baby by the wind across the fields, through the town to the tall red and white stone building where the dull, enraged and cantankerous lighthouse keeper stayed. As the noises drifted in the fully opened window, the window was forcefully slammed by the frustrated man (the lighthouse keeper). He shook his head with hatred, antipathy and loathing.

The lighthouse keeper had lived alone for what seemed like an eternity and for all of the years he had lived with himself, all alone. His long and thin nails were as gnarled as a witch’s nails; old age had made his wrinkles appear; he was a soul-less man living all alone. The loneliness had lingered, had festered through every part of his body, until he could no longer deal with being in a community, and with socializing with the other residents of the village. It was like his heart had looked at Medusa’s head, stuck in his own trap. Without a warning, as he was doing some paperwork - which went on and on, forever - the island was smothered into darkness, not even a dot of light showing!

Trepidation began to lift inside him as his anxiety gave him a kick to his stomach: picking up the only light source he had (the lantern) and a toolbox, he darted up the spiral staircase. He looked at the complicated mechanisms, went up another staircase and looked towards the broken light. With every ounce of his strength, he raised the gigantic bulb into his arms and took a step back. THUD! SMASH! He fell over his toolbox which was laying still on the floor and the glass dome shattered into thousands of tiny crystals! What would he do now? His life flashed before his eyes. The Earth stood still. Time stopped. At that moment he heard a sound that he feared; a ship’s foghorn drifted through the night-sky. His eyes turned as big as an apple as he thought about what to do next.

He glanced over at the village with sweat dripping down the left side of his cheek. In seconds, without a pause, he charged down the staircase and with all of his might he pulled the door open and it was like Zeus gave all of his power to him. He needed to make the villages aware of the enormous problem. Was he hallucinating? Was he dreaming? Was this even real? There were hundreds of small lights heading his way. The lanterns were being held by the silhouettes of the villagers; the lights were like fireflies. Who were eager to help. His jaw dropped, his face lit up in shock and a smile spread across his face. They were coming to help him! Every single one of them. The ice on his heart had been thawed by the villagers as they stood on the summit of the lighthouse. He smiled for the first time since he was just a child playing football with all his friends. The boat swerved away from the lethal rocks. “Thanks, guys, for helping me,” said the lighthouse keeper. 

“It’s alright mate; we’re all here for you,” said one of the villagers.

 “Yeah, that’s right,” said another.

The lighthouse keeper’s mistrust disappeared and he was no longer isolated from the villagers. A happy tear crept down his face that was as red as freshly picked tomato as he watched the ship continue its journey. His soul-less heart had found its path. Beyond the waves, the sun’s wake-up alarm went off. It winked at them as it rose above the sea. The dark clouds and rain disappeared and the sunshine re-appeared. The light had triumphed over the darkness. It was a life-affirming moment. Beyond the fields, nestled underneath the jagged cliffs, there was a joyful lighthouse, jubilant villagers and a delighted village.

By Osman

An Enlightenment Story - The Lighthouse

Beyond the fields of the desolate lighthouse, nestled comfortably behind the cliff, was a charming village that was filled to the brim with cosy cottages. Lights shone brightly as the sounds of jubilant laughter and partying people filled the dark night. Their cheerful sounds were carried by the wind and guided by the streets as they swirled and twirled their way to the towering lighthouse where the cantankerous, dull lighthouse keeper lived. As the singing sounds danced in, the keeper looked up. “I wish they would be quiet!” he muttered angrily to himself, half annoyed and half disgusted.

The lighthouse keeper had been separated from society for what seemed like an eternity. He had gnarled fingers, a hunched-up back and lifeless, dull eyes. He was grumpy and rude; a lone wolf. The loneliness had crawled through to his mind, which slowly started to affect his mood and well-being. He quit socialising and his once-warm heart turned into cold, icy stone. He purposefully locked himself away from others and his happiness eventually vanished altogether. Out of the blue, as he looked out of the window (which had been blown open) darkness smothered the bright light. CRASH! BANG! Silence. Panic rose inside him as he realised what the source of the problem was.

His head was filled with trepidation as he snatched his toolbox and ran up the spiralling stairs. With every ounce of strength left in his body, he picked up the source of light. Though mean and bitter, he still knew that many innocent people were counting on him. What to hope for though? What would happen if he didn’t manage to fix the light? What would happen to the ships? Disaster struck. THUD! SMASH! He dropped the gigantic bulb and it smashed into smithereens. His heart stopped beating. He froze. He heard a sound that he would have been happy to never hear for the rest of his pointless life. A ship was sailing in his direction, not knowing where to go. His eyes widened as the ship got closer and closer…

He glanced down at the village. He knew he must seek help, as he couldn’t fix the light all by himself. Immediately, without equivocation, he yanked open the dusty door and yet again ran down the spiralling stairs. He opened another heavy and old door. To his utter surprise and astonishment, thousands of villagers stood in front of him, holding lanterns! “I must be dreaming!” he told himself. There was no time to think though. He quickly told the villagers what to do and they all ran up the stairs. They soon reached the top of the lighthouse and stood, bearing their light to the boat. For once, the lighthouse keeper felt happy to have company. All the hatred the keeper had for the villagers completely disappeared, as they all held their lanterns in silence. He would never forget how happy he was. In the farthest corner of the sea, stood a happy, tall, lighthouse.

by Angelina

An Enlightenment Story - The Lighthouse

On the corner of the island, where the most dangerous part of the sea was, stood a lonely, bright lighthouse towering over the small village nearby. The rocks pointed their deadly fingernail to the sky. Ready to gobble up any ships that passed by. The moon appeared in the sky illuminating the midnight-sky behind the dull, ominous clouds. Every day the pitch-black and gloomy sky dotted with stars were pierced by the glistening, blinding light. As the light touched the trees, an eerie shadow emerged out of nowhere. When it gets dark, the giant bulb turns on from the top of the lighthouse. Its one and only purpose was to warn clueless sailors from the rocks. From the last 100 years, the lighthouse has never had any ships from dying in a watery grave.

Behind the lonely lighthouse, there was a joyful village filled with comfortable cottages. There were joyful people who would sing, dance and laugh every day. The happy sounds ran past the villagers partying, on the streets and climbed its way to the lighthouse's window where the cranky, bad-tempered lighthouse keeper lived. As the sounds darted in through the open window, the furious lighthouse keeper slammed the window shut. He sighed with hatred, anger and annoyance. The lighthouse keeper muttered, “I wish these annoying people would keep quiet for once!”

The grumpy keeper had lived alone for as he could remember and for all those long years his friends immediately cut ties with him. The loneliness crawled through his body and infected his mind, until his heart felt hatred every time he saw one of the villagers. All of a sudden, as he was doing his work the window was opened by the wind. As he closed the window, he saw a blanket of darkness smothered the light. He instantly knew trouble was about to come.

Worry filled his body. Panic began to rise. He knew he had to take immediate action. He seized the lantern and headed to the spiral stairs but slipped and fell. He hurriedly got up and raced to the next flight of stairs where he got his toolbox and he finally reached the top floor. With every ounce of strength, he lifted the huge bulb and took a step back to maintain balance. But then he tripped over his toolbox. THUD! CRASH! The lightbulb shattered into a million pieces just like his heart. He stood there speechless. Thousands of shards lay still on the floor. The earth stood still. Time stopped. He froze. Then, he heard a sound he wished he would never hear. The sound of a ship’s foghorn penetrated through the air. He tapped his foot as he desperately tried to find a solution.

Rapidly, without stopping, he looked towards the ocean and saw a ship sailing across the sea. He immediately bolted down the stairs knowing he had to seek help from the villagers. He opened the door as if nothing was in his way. He knew he didn’t want to do this, but he had to do it. He saw thousands of glowing lights starting to approach him just like a swarm of fireflies. He gasped. How come they want to help him? He has been nothing but rude to them. The lanterns were held by the people who he hated the most. He stood there. Still trying to process what just happened. His eyes lit up as a beaming smile started to appear on his face. His heart warmed and the prison that trapped his heart started to vanish. The misery was now a tiny droplet in his heart instead filling his heart. The villagers stood on the balconies of the lighthouse. The ship swerved away from the dangerous rocks surrounding the island. He was now optimistic and had now opened up to the villagers.

The lighthouse keeper and the townsfolk watched the ship sail across the sea. His mistrust for humans disappeared and was no longer isolated from the villagers. He now felt as if he was part of the society. In the distance, the sun began to rise. The sun smiled at them beaming with light. They stared at the sunrise in awe. They had never seen anything so beautiful. The wind blew away the dark clouds and replaced it with brighter clouds. On the corner of the island, where the most dangerous part of the sea was, stood a cheery, bright lighthouse.

By Doris

An Enlightenment Story - The Lighthouse

On a silent corner of the island, where the rocks jutted out ominously, stood a towering, lonely lighthouse. The bright moon illuminated the monstrous storm and steep cliff’s edge. The dark and tempestuous nights were lit up by a rotating beam of light. It had always been so blinding but had saved many ships from being swallowed by the ocean. The light emanated from a giant bulb at the summit of the stone tower. Its sole purpose was to warn surprised sailors from perishing.

Beyond the striped lighthouse, there were some dancing cottages, twirling like ballet dancers, flipping like acrobats. Plenty of jubilant celebrations and laughter inside. Light was flowing out of the windows while smiles lit up the village. Their joyful sounds were carried by the wind, up the path, through the fields and into the lighthouse, where the bitter, isolated lighthouse keeper lived. Shaking his head with hatred, disgust and anger, he slammed the window violently shut. “These young people cause such chaos,” he muttered to himself, “Why can’t they be quiet for once? Ugh!” He kicked the leg of the table out of frustration.

The ancient keeper had lived alone for what felt like an eternity. All that time distanced from his community and possible adventures, made him into a grumpy, hunched, elderly individual. The misery had worsened, pulled his smile down, until he stopped socializing altogether. The window swung back open, blowing out a vanilla-scented candle on his desk. The village was silenced. Without warning, the giant bulb went out. It was now pitch-black. He panicked. His heart took a couple laps around his body before bursting through his throat.

Hearing a ship close by, his mind filled with horror. He knew he had to take immediate action. In his hurry, he tripped over his chair but got right up and grabbed a lantern. He bolted up the stairs. It was the quickest he had run in years. And the first. The floor of mechanisms. Nothing, so grabbing his toolbox he went up a floor. Hearing the ship’s foghorn, he dashed up the next set of stairs, placed his toolbox and was face-to-face with the giant glass dome. With All his might, he lifted the bulb and disaster struck! THUD! Fragments and pieces were all that was left of the light bulb. Fear flooded his mind. Time stopped. The world froze. At that moment he heard, once again, the ship’s foghorn. He saw the faint outline of the ship. He dreaded his moment. Only saw it in his worst nightmares.

He glanced over the village, knowing he would have to seek help. Immediately, without hesitation, he charged down the flight of spiral stairs, in seconds and pulled on the door sharply. He knew he should waste no time. They were all there. Every single one of them. The shadowy silhouettes of the villagers were holding what seemed like shining stars. Hundreds of twinkling lights being held by eager locals. His heart warmed. Before long, they were all gathered at all the balconies of the lighthouse. The ship had adjusted just in the nick of time. A tear escaped from his eye. He managed to spit out the words, “Thank you.” It was the first time he’d smiled in years.

The lighthouse keeper finally felt welcomed and included. The community stood together and watched as the ship disappeared. Beyond the sea, far in the distance, the sun rose above the waves, wiping out the darkness, clouds and rain. The sky was a thousand shades of pink, yellow and orange. The sun smiled brightly at the helpful locals. On a silent corner of the island, where the rocks jutted out ominously, stood a tall, towering beloved lighthouse.

By Emilia

An Enlightenment Story - The Lighthouse

On the slight corner of the island, where the spiky rocks stuck out of the malevolent sea (like a large machete), was a sky-high lighthouse. The shadowy, sombre night was pierced by the blazing, luminous light. It originated from the highest point of the lighthouse. Its purpose was to warn innocent sailors from damaging their ships on the precarious rocks and the delaying deep sea.

Below the lighthouse, that stood on a hill, was a magnificent village filled with warm, aesthetic cottages. Luminous lights shone brightly out of the clear window like diamonds in the sky, the locals entertained each other and laughed whilst their singing filled the moonlit night. The jubilant sound of laughter was carried across the street, up the path, over the fields and eventually reached the lonely lighthouse, where the infuriated, bad-tempered man lived. As the sounds darted through the wide-opened window it was carelessly shut by the vexed lighthouse keeper. He shook his head in anger and muttered, ‘’Can’t they be quiet for once?’’

The keeper lived alone for a long time till his fingers began to wrinkle. During that time, he was distanced from the community, which had made him a vexed grumpy man. The loneliness had deeply affected him and crawled up his body like a sly bug. His happiness vanished and it felt as if he was locked up. Out of nowhere, as he peeped out of the window, which had once again been carried open by the strong wind, something was different. Darkness. Jet-black darkness had filled the island… The sound of the cheers paused as the keeper slowly lifted his eyebrows in bewilderment.

Panic-stricken, he didn’t think twice as negative thoughts ran through his mind. As he reached out for his lantern and toolbox a bolt of fright jolted through his body as he ran up the spiral staircase towards the machinery. With all his might, he lifted the colossal bulb as his belly churned like a washing machine. As he took a step back, disaster struck like lightning. CRASH! He tripped. The bulb smashed into thousands of smithereens. His life flashed before his own eyes. His fingers trembled; darkness filled the place; he was determined to do something.

Promptly, he charged down the hypnotizing stairs knowing he needed to alert the villagers, a bead of perspiration dripped down his forehead as he yanked the door open as if it was nothing. Was he hallucinating? Hundreds of golden luminous lights were pointed at him. It was the villagers. Keen to help him find a solution. His heart softened as the locals gathered round the lighthouse. A lovely smile plastered across his face for the first time in years. The innocent driver drifted away safely.

The lighthouse keeper's stone-heart turned into a heart of pure gold. He didn’t feel alone this time, he felt as if he was part of the community. The townsfolk stood together as one and watched the boat drift off into the distance. It was a calm, serene atmosphere. The orange, pinkish sunset awoke and rose below the azure sky. It was an admirable moment. On the slight corner of the island, where the spiky rocks stuck out the malevolent sea (like a machete), was a blissful lighthouse.

By Olivia

An Enlightenment Story - The Lighthouse

Far, far away- on an island never seen before- there stood a lonely lighthouse. The tempestuous sea roared like a beast hunting for their prey as the shady, ominous clouds growled like a dog. Lazer-sharp rocks were gnarled like witches’ fingers as the moon illuminated the sky valiantly. The pitch-black, eerie nights were pierced by the beaming, sparkling light blinding anyone who looked at it. The light originated from a colossal bulb at the summit of the lighthouse. Its only task was to warn sailors from colliding into lethal rocks and evaporating into a watery grave.

Below the isolated lighthouse, nestled behind the cliffs, was an exquisite village packed with comfortable cottages. Lights beamed brightly out of the windows, while the jubilant sounds of laughter and raucous celebrations suffused the dark night. The songs rushed up the hill, along the winding path, across the fields to the towering building, where the cantankerous, dull lighthouse keeper lived. As the songs came rushing in through the wide-open window, the old, bad-tempered man violently SLAMMED the window shut. “I wish they’d be quiet!” he grumbled to himself in disgust.

The wrinkly, old keeper was separated from society for what felt like a lifetime. He had been isolated for so long that not even his family could remember who he was since he was always an energetic, young boy. He had become lifeless. The loneliness had infected him so bad that he no longer BARED to be around people. It was like he had no emotion since he didn’t even want to communicate with ANYONE! In the blink of an eye, the candle on his desk suddenly extinguished by the wind right when the island was plunged into darkness…

Filled with trepidation, he fell off his chair like a clumsy couch-potato and bolted up the spiralling staircase to investigate the light. He knew that he had to repair it, or else countless innocent souls would be gone. His eyes changed into sorrow remembering all the happy times and sad times he had in his life. Finally, he reached the top of the lighthouse and grabbed his toolbox to try and fix the giant glass dome. With every ounce of strength, he heaved the mammoth bulb into his arms however, disaster struck: CRASH! BOOM!! He tripped over the toolbox and the light shattered into smithereens. What would he do now? Time froze. His life flashed before his eyes. Suddenly, at that moment, he was haunted by a terrifying sound. A ship's foghorn. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he desperately thought about what to do next.

With his lips quivering as if there was an earthquake, he glanced down at the villages thinking about all the children and parents. Immediately, without wasting any time, the lighthouse keeper bounded down the stairs knowing that he had to seek help. Whilst panting like a dog, he violently opened the door as if it were paper. Suddenly, there was a plethora of villagers sprinting up the hill eager to help him. The lighthouse keeper thought he was hallucinating as a smile lit up his face. It looked like there were hundreds of fireflies in a colossal swarm. The lanterns were being held by the shadowy figures of the locals. As the villages stood at the peak of the lighthouse, the keeper smiled for the first time in years! The ice in his heart thawed as the ship swerved to safety.

The lighthouse keepers mistrust evaporated as he finally didn’t feel left out. The townsfolk stood together as one whilst the mammoth ship glided away. A smile lit up the keeper's face as he felt welcomed and included at last. On the horizon, the sun awoke and winked on them as it slowly but surely rose above the waves. Light had triumphed over the ominous darkness. It was a life-affirming moment! Far, far away - on an island never seen before - there stood a HAPPY lighthouse.

By Ebrahim