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Tim Peake Class


The Lighthouse

The waves that were surrounding the island were crashing into the shore. Spiky rocks guarded the beach. A tall lighthouse with a bright light beamed across the sky. Rocks were sent tumbling into the jagged cliff crumbling into pieces. The dark and dense sky was illuminated by the blinding light from the lighthouse. Shadows of trees, animals and houses were very creepy. The light beamed from a single fragile ray of hope at the top of the lighthouse. The reason it was built there was to stop ships getting stabbed by the rocks and swallowed by the sea; only once the lighthouse had failed and that was when his important supplies had been supposed to arrive (and a loved one).

Below the lighthouse was a town cuddled in the green grass. Clinks of their glass of the beer echoed to the end of the town. It was full of laughter as if there was a huge party going on. They were celebrating a happy day for them all their hearts took a sigh. Their high-pitched laughter was sneaking through the branches, above the houses and on the dirt path. The chants of the villagers invaded the lighthouse keeper’s head. When the annoying sounds forced themselves to enter the room, he used all his strength to slam the window shut; the lighthouse keeper's anger went to its maximum level, he clenched his fists while hatred filled him. He hoped that the people could show some respect as he thought he had the toughest job on the whole island.

The grumpy old man had been locked away in the red and white tower as long as he could remember. He craved that his loved one could come back after her tragic death. He was locked in the prison of anger, heart- broken. The man wished he could have another happy moment before he gets tangled in lines of negativity. His heart turned to stone. Suddenly, the window was forced open by the wind and the candle was blown out. The bright light shut off instantly; the island was plunged into the darkness in a blink of an eye.

Thoughts of panic couldn’t find space in his head. His instinct sprang into action; he grabbed his only hope (his toolbox) and dashed up the spiralling stairs, his lantern, scaring the darkness, lit up. The lighthouse keeper used every ounce of his strength to pick up the massive bulb. He took steps back, but he failed and took a great fall. The bulb shattered into smithereens. His brain stopped. He was paralyzed with fear. The ship’s screams of warning is the only thing that could be heard. His brain couldn’t handle all the negative thoughts.

When he peered down at the town, he shot down the stairs. wrenching the door open he was worried he couldn’t save his home and failing his job. After he looked outside, he gave a sigh of disbelief as he saw what looked like millions of lanterns full of hopes and dreams. At the top of the lighthouse, the lighthouse keeper's lips turned into a smile from one ear to the other. The hard work of everyone made the ship steer away.

His heart drained the misery and was filled in with joy. The piece that was destroyed in the dread was finally healed. As the ship went by it chipped off some paint. The ship honked as the passengers thanked everyone. As the moon left the sky, the warming welcome from the sun made the sea glistened.at the top of cliff a proud red and white tower stood its ground.

by Dilan

The journey of enlightenment

Down below, beneath the gloomy skies, intense waves, which built tension, rummaged through the ominous ocean, waiting to bite the mighty cliffs. Rocks fell like pennies in a jar, guarding and protecting their territory. Violence. Not a single star was in sight; the leaden sky blocked the moonlight. The once-beautiful sky was bullied by utter darkness. Then, a lifesaver came. A ray of light could be seen. It came from a lighthouse. The light’s location was marked where sailors were forbidden to go. It stayed there to prevent people on ships from crashing their boats. Additionally, if it had not lightened up the world, it would have been a dark place. What was to happen? What was to come?

Behind the guardians, away from all the danger and harm, the innocent civilians huddled cosily in their safe environment. Spirited laughter; clinking glasses; joyful toasts. The world was being enlightened by almost a thousand lamps, making everyone cheer and let out joyful squeals. The wild wind carried to over-excited chants through the windows, past the gates and down the steep hills. Finally, they rested at the place that the lighthouse keeper called home. He was reclusive and anti-social, and he envied the disturbing, taunting shouts which barged themselves in like invaders trying to break into a house. Irritation. Fury. Rage. He scoffed in annoyance; he was beginning to lose his patience as he was bothered by the inconvenience. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fist tightly. Miserable. He was miserable.

The lonely man, who had spent all his years inside his home, mourned his son; the very moment he thought about his was the same moment that he remembered the lighthouse failing him. It had been ten years since then, yet he still felt pain. Every tear that rolled down his cheek represented his depression and misery. Sadness lingered inside him, refusing to let go. Hopelessness invaded his thoughts and mind. Fury consumed him, leaving him unable to reason with the community. Suddenly, tragedy struck. The island plunged into darkness and had become a death trap. Sorrow; confusion; fear. The only hope was the candle- it was still running. Almost instantly, the candle went out. Danger. The lighthouse was no longer in the safe zone. A groan of disappointment and panic could be heard.

Without thinking twice, he rushed in urgency, panic rising in him uncontrollably. A shiver of dread tickled his spine. He gulped in hesitation. Frantically but boldly, he searched for his reliable toolbox. With his lantern in one hand and his toolbox in the other, he bolted upstairs, hoping, wishing that he would have a safe and happy ending. It felt as if the walls were closing in on him. As he attempted to repair the light, putting pressure on every muscle, it shattered into a million pieces. A gasp of exhaustion and multiple grunts of effort escaped from his mouth; he was hopeless. Utterly hopeless, He froze as he heard and saw something in the distance- a ship’s below and it was going in his direction. Everything that could go wrong DID go wrong. He was overtaken by the deafening cry growing louder, louder, louder. Determined, strong and brave he was.

Not knowing at all what to do or how to react, as he attempted to break free from his imprisonment, he forced himself to consider leaving and found himself glancing at the villagers. Not daring to open his eyes, he felt his way downstairs as fear gave wings to his feet. For the first time in a long time, he swung the door open, afraid of what he would encounter. Salvation- his salvation. As he opened the door in embarrassment and shame, he gasped in amazement due to the fact that he had seen a shocking sight. The villagers, who had once been doubted by the man, came rushing towards him, eager to help. What looked like a million dimly lit light were held by them. His prayers had been answered by his now new friends. He beamed and thanked the kind people. One question still lay in his heart. Why did they help him? They all laughed and cheered. Together, they placed the dazzling lights in the place of the broken light source. They had all come together as one.

Meaningful connections came back to him; his scowl became a smile. He had felt feeling that he thought he would never feel again- tranquillity and peace. The missing piece to his puzzle had been found as the hatred in his heart began to evaporate. Contentment rose in his heart as he could finally take a deep breath. The pilot of the ship blared its horn in thanks and appreciation as he and his ship didn’t have a single scratch on themselves. Life was thriving. The very first rays of the sun reflected on the horizon. The calm, undisturbed sea glistened and glowed. The dark clouds vanished as happiness sprinkled itself all over the island. Down below, beneath the lovely skies, the gentle waves, which were shining, swayed slowly.

By Ernestine

The Lighthouse

Colliding against the shore, the large, fierce cliff was eaten away by the menacing waves. The lonely lighthouse stood solitarily fending for itself. As the sun faded away, the bright light was illuminated by the leaden sky. The warming light comforted the souls of sailors. Shining from a singular light, the light bulb was placed on a throne; the light had one main purpose. As the light was adjusted, the people watched as it flickered.

Nested cosily below the lighthouse, the high - spirited town of Whitby was filled with laughter and drinks. Down in the pub, glasses were raised, and people danced their sorrows and worries away. The loud chants of the villagers drifted through the open windows in the pub down the cobbled streets, through the plains of grass and into the lighthouse keepers’ ears. As he sensed the unwelcome presence of joy, he shut the window abruptly, his fists shaking with rage. Anger, dismay, hatred. He tossed the paper, ripping it in half, letting his anger free.

Ever since his childhood, the old man had imprisoned himself away from society. After the accident, he resented himself and humanity for being unable to save his mother from her tragic death. Darkness and misery lingered in his soul. As the old man continued to blame himself, he could only see the world in black. Without warning, an unexpected force of wind gushed into the room. The light shattered. As the lighthouse keeper returned to his seat, the candle blew out extinguishing the last of his hope. His mind was racing with panic and fear (the whole world fell silent).

Racing up the stairs like his life depended on it, he watched to his horror as the last of his hope vanished ; reaching for his prized possession,(the tool box) he raced up the stairs without thinking twice. The light leading the way. Using every ounce of strength, the lighthouse keeper lifted the hefty light stumbling unable to carry the weight of his expectations. As he took a step back, he tripped, letting the last of his hope free. The light shattered. Time stood still. As the ship screamed its warning, the lighthouse keeper watched as the boat made its treacherous journey to land.

As he looked down at the village, thoughts battled in his head. Having come to a decision, he shot down the stairs his fingers crossed. Summoning his courage, he wrenched the door open his eyes shut, but before he could react, what looked like hundreds of villagers were lined up in front of his door.

Rushing to his aid, the witted villagers lifted the world off his shoulders. Never would the lighthouse keeper thought that the answer to his prayers would be the villagers. Standing alongside the towns people, he felt a strange feeling of warmth and care in his heart, as tears of joy rolled down his cheeks. He smiled a warm smile of reassurance as the ship steered away from land.

Finally he felt at peace; his scowl turned into a grin as he found the missing piece to his heart. Overwhelmed with joy, he felt a new sensation of happiness. As the silvery moon beamed down on the navy blue sea, the lanterns danced with joy creating new memories. The friendly lighthouse stood proudly, fending for the village.

By Nardos

The Story Of The Lighthouse

Near the coastline, a lighthouse stood upon an ominous cliff beneath the looming clouds, more miserable than ever. The rough rocks crumbled, crashing into the deep depths of the agitated sea. The moon and stars cowered behind the charcoal-grey clouds. As the sky got stabbed by the guiding light, the cliff's edge got hit by the unstoppable waves. The light dazzled throughout the sky all from a lonely, fragile little light bulb. Its only purpose was to shine bright and glow for sailors; if the light didn’t blaze, the consequences wouldn’t be good.

Beneath the gloomy sky was a small town, happiness filling the air. The cheers of the residents took over the sound of the whistling wind. Pints of beer clinking echoed throughout the land. Their laughter ventured sneakily through the windows with the help of the wind. This carried on across the rustling trees’ leaves, over the fields and all the way up the rocky path and daringly into the lighthouse. Once the irritating noises rampaged in, he pushed the window shut. As rage started to fill in his veins, he realised the noises would not give up, he gritted his teeth while grunting at that moment. Filled with annoyance, he hoped desperately that it would go away.

The introverted old man had been hiding from the past for multiple years, hating people although half of him still longed for a friend, who could understand him, that would stay with him until the end. Sorrow and fury conquered him, grasping his feelings and seizing the chance to infect him like a disease.  As the years passed by, the devastation grew larger and larger. Without any warning, the lights ceased to produce any light and he realised darkness swallowed the only light source at that moment. Danger sat in the shadows. The noises no longer screamed happiness instead silence was all you could hear- the silence was loud- as darkness lurked.

Without any hesitation, he sprang into action immediately; he bolted up the stairs with his trusty lantern leading the way. The only thing he found was a broken light. Once he reached out for his toolbox, his heart thumped, wondering what had happened. Catching his breath, the lighthouse keeper wrenched the lightbulb with great effort and took a slight step back and it wriggled out of touch. It smashed into smithereens. He froze in his place. Fear overflowed inside him as the one sound could be heard. The ear piercing, deafening noise rang in his ears. A boat.

As soon as he witnessed the glass shatter in front of him, he glanced out at the town with great disbelief and banished the hesitation to find the courage to ask for help. The old man jolted down the stairs and forced the ancient, oak door open. The fear made his feet fly. Stunned on the spot, he gasped suddenly, lanterns filled with hope shone in front of him. Villagers had rushed to his aid, willing to help.

“I can’t believe it! A miracle!” the relieved man murmured slightly. Surrounding the now happy lighthouse, the townspeople smiled, knowing the lighthouse keeper was now free from the clouds. Meanwhile the boat got lead into safety.

His icy heart melted and was let out with a big sigh. Love and tranquillity replaced the emptiness inside. The weight was lifted off his shoulders. The boat turned around, giving a big thanks on the way. As the clouds got pushed away, the moon beamed upon him warmly as well-as the sea (it glistened). Near the coastline, a positive lighthouse stood upon a calm cliff beneath the silvery moon, happier than ever.

By Amelia

The Lighthouse